16th World Conference on Seismic Isolation, Energy
Dissipation and Active Vibration Control of Structures
Russian Federation, St.Petersburg 1-6 July, 2019

Prof. Gianmario Benzoni

(U.S. , President of ASSISi)

Prof. Ivan I. Vedyakov 

(Russia, President of RAEE)


Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

Prof. Gianmario Benzoni (U.S. , President of ASSISi)


Prof. Fu Lin Zhou (China, ASSISi)

Prof. Kazuhiko Kasai (Japan)

Dr. Alessandro Martelli (Italy, ASSISi)

Prof. Mineo Takayama (Japan)

Dr. Massimo Forni (Italy, ASSISi)

Prof. Shunsuke Otani (Japan)

Prof. Mustafa Erdik (Turkey, ASSISi)

Prof. Haruyuki Kitamura (Japan)
Prof. Maria Moroni (Chile, ASSISi)

Dr. Masanori Iiba (Japan)

Prof. Taiki Saito (Japan, ASSISi)

Prof. Akira Mita (Japan)

Dr. Alexander A. Bubis (Russia, ASSISi)

Prof. Yongfeng Du (China)

Prof. Mikhayel Melkumyan (Armenia, ASSISi)

Prof. Xilin Lu (China)

Dr. Keith Fuller (U.K. , ASSISi)

Prof. Ping Tan (China)

Prof. Nicos Makris (Greece, ASSISi)

Prof. Wei-Qing Liu (China)

Prof. Masayoshi Nakashima (Japan)

Prof. Stephen A. Mahin (U.S.)

Prof. Akira Wada (Japan)

Prof. K.C. Chang (Taiwan)


Prof. Keri L. Ryan (U.S.)


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  • Dear Sirs!

    16WCSI Organizing  Committee  remind  you  to specify on the registration page  in which hotel you plan to stay during the conference. Hotels need  it to estimate the required number of rooms for conference participants.