Local Organizing Committee

Aleshin Alexander S.  Schmidt  Institute of Phisics of the Earth,  DSc., Professor

Belash  Tatiana A.  Emperor Alexander I  St. Petersburg State Transport University, DSc., Professor

Bubis Alexander A. RAEE, JSC Research Center of Construction (JSC RCC)

Gusev  Boris V. President of  IAE  & RAE, DSc., Professor

Davidiuk Aleksey N.  JSC RCC, DSc., Professor

Kabantsev Oleg V. MSUCE,  DSc., Professor

Klimova Natalia A.   Vice-CEO  of  JSC RCC

Kodysh Emil’ N.  Central Scientific-Research and Project-Experimental Institute Of Industrial Buildings and Constructions” (CNIIPromzdaniy OJC) DSc., Professor

Kolybin Igor V. JSC RCC, DSc., Professor

Kostarev Viktor V.   CVS Ltd,  DSc., Professor

Kovaltchuk Oleg  A. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE),  DSc., Professor

Krivtsov Yurii V. JSC RCC, DSc., Professor

Kuz’min Alexander V.  CEO of JSC  RCC,  DSc., Professor

Mamin Alexander N.  CNIIPromzdaniy OJC,  DSc., Professor

Mazhiev Hasan N.  Kh. Ibragimov Complex Institute, DSc., Professor

Pavlenko Olga V. Schmidt  Institute of Phisics of the Earth,  DSc., Professor

Smirnova Luybov’ N.     JSC RCC, Ph. d.

Stavnitser Leonid R.  JSC RCC, DSc.

Tamrazian Ashot  G.  MSUCE,  DSc., Professor

Tikhonov Igor N. JSC  RCC,  DSc., Professor

Trekin Nikolai N.  CNIIPromzdaniy OJC,  DSc., Professor

Tonkih Gennadii P.  MSUCE,  DSc., Professor

Tyapin Alexander G.  JSC  Atomenergoproject, DSc., Professor

Vahrina Genrietta N.  JSC RCC

Vedyakov Ivan I.  President  RAEE,  JSC RCC, DSc., Professor

Uzdin Alexander M. Emperor Alexander I  St. Petersburg State Transport University, DSc., Professor

Zaalishvili Vladislav B., DSc., Prof., Geophysical Institute - Affiliate of Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences

Zvezdov Andrei I.  Vice-CEO  of  JSC RCC, DSc., Professor

Site News

  • Dear 16WCSI participants!

    The 16WCSI Organizing Committee informs that the conference proceedings will be finalized after the conference finish in accordance with the requirements of international citation databases and will get  ISBN and DOI. 
    The final version of the book of abstracts will be offered to the Scopus database and published at the conference website (16wcsi.org).

  • The 16WCSI Organizing Committee informs all participants that the preliminary version of full conference programme with presentations timetable IS published at the 16WCSI website! You may see it at "Dates and structure" page. The direct link to program download is 

  • URGENT! For room booking please contact SG tours